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It’s easy to get started with M3 Karate. Just choose kids or adult classes and start our trial program. You will then have a consultation to discuss training goals with one of our certified black belt instructors. We welcome families and offer a great incentive for the whole family to workout and learn as a team.

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Three Reasons to Participate at M3 Karate in Gilbert Arizona

Are you looking for a great activity to keep your kids active and healthy? If so, you might want to consider signing them up for kids karate classes at M3 Karate in Gilbert, Arizona. In addition to ensuring your kids are engaging in regular physical activity, there are many benefits for kids who participate in karate classes. Here’s a look at just a few.

1. Improve Focus

Learning to find inner stillness and to focus on what’s at hand is an integral part of karate. In today’s high-paced world, learning how to focus and block out distractions is a skill that kids need to master.

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2. Gain Confidence

Participation in martial arts helps kids to improve their confidence as they learn what they are capable of doing and achieving.

3. Learning Conflict Resolution

One of the key aspects of martial arts training is learning how to solve a conflict without physical violence. Signing your children up for kids karate classes in Gilbert Arizona is the perfect way to help them learn this valuable skill!


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Master Eric MendozaEric Mendoza – Master Instructor

4th Degree Black Belt

Eric Mendoza is our Master Instructor and founder of M3 Martial Arts Academy. Eric has enjoyed over twenty- eight years as a martial artist, teacher, and industry consultant.
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What is taught at M3 Karate?

Gilbert MMA is practiced at our school. Kids and Adults Mixed Martial Arts is our specialty. We combine Tae Kwon Do Karate including forms, combinations, and sparring, and advanced students learn weapons such as bo staff, kamas, nunchucks and even swords. M3 produces tournament-winning karate students that place regularly in local Arizona karate tournament circuits every year.

M3’s second curriculum includes ground fighting known as Jiu Jitsu which teaches opponent control, locks, sweeps, chokes, arm bars and much more. M3 believes that because many incidents end up on the ground, teaching kids and adults what to do when a fight ends up on the ground is crucial.

The third part of M3 is kickboxing, which teaches continuous sparring including boxing, kicking, take downs and more.

M3 is not only your Gilbert Arizona source for MMA, but it is also well known for teaching and expecting students to be skilled in basic and advanced self defense. Stranger danger is taught to all kids, especially younger champions, as well as many techniques to defend oneself if ever attacked in the street. Learning how to defend from being attacked from punches, grabs, holds such as full nelsons, weapon attacks and even multiple assailant attacks is a critical part of our school curriculum.