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Parents Love our Classes!

 Seriously! You guys are rocking this incredibly hard time for the kiddos. Thank you. 💪🏻❤️
-Sara Anderson

Scavenger hunt was SO fun for all of us. Thank you!!!!!!!!! 💪🏻❤️Lindy Talbott Adams

Tricia Zimmerman recommends M3 Karate.
Great classes! Awesome teachers doing online
 classes during social distancing. 💪🏻❤️

We love you all. You are amazing and everything you are doing to keep my boys engaged, having fun, and part of the M3 family is great. Keep up the great work and keep being creative! 💪🏻❤️-Scott Gaspar

 That’s quite a set up! Thank you for your dedication to keeping everything up for the kids. It makes a huge difference!!! 💪🏻❤️-Lindsey Stair

We are so Grateful for all that you guys do! Our son has loved M3 Karate since Day 1. You guys are so dedicated to all the students. During this trying time you have demonstrated that dedication more than ever. You immediately started doing virtual classes to continue to teach and interact with the students. We have been so impressed with how organized, adaptive, and positive you all have been. We love all the zoom classes, family fitness classes, and weekly testing/check-ins. We also love that you have incorporated some fun virtual meetings, like a talent show, contests with fun incentives, and scavenger hunts. Again, thank you for showing us and our son how to work hard, be committed, and have fun.💪🏻❤️
-Ramos Family

A huge thanks to M3 Karate for always supporting the amazing community they've built! Almost a year and a half ago when we enrolled our boys at M3, we never could have imagined the community we were joining. Every member of the Worsley family is a better person both physically and mentally from the amazing people (staff and families) at M3. Thanks Mendoza family for everything.💪🏻❤️
-Sheldon Worsley

Highly Recommend! Our 7 yo daughter and 4 yo son have been asking to try karate for some time. After moving to AZ we researched schools in the area and came across M3 Karate off of a community recommendation. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. Master Mendoza along with his team are an awesome mix of discipline and firmness with kindness and compassion. Already we notice a huge change in our daughter’s level of confidence and attitude. I’ve never seen her so driven and focused. In addition we have noticed their relationship shift at home where my older daughter is teaching her younger brother and helping him more in all areas since they have had this practice for common ground. I’m incredibly grateful we came across this Martial Arts studio. Looking forward to watching our children grow in their practice with this professional team and being a part of the M3 family.💪🏻❤️
*Heather Del Rios

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We Are NOT Your Usual Martial Arts School
WARNING!!! Our program is addictive.
As soon as parents see results, they are hooked.
Successful Students Who 
Completed The  Challenge!
"Always impressed with your staff, I love that you guys go out of your way to walk around and greet the families. The instructors are always great with the kids, and take time to work on individual needs"-
The Silicato family 
We love M3! We appreciate all the training and discipline techniques the instructors are working on with our girls. Staff is awesome and it's a very positive learning environment. Thank you!
Kimberly Lawson
Amazing!! This place is far beyond what I expected! Master Mendoza exudes respect and kindness. He and his instructors are all so nice and do amazing with the kiddos. My sons are 5 and 3 and learning so much in the short weeks we've been there. I LOVE the positive reinforcement they get by earning stripes for good behavior not only at home but school as well! It was an easy decision signing up as a member after our free trial!
Christina Tanner
Check out what people are saying
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